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H.G. v. Carroll: Bridging the Gap in Florida’s Child Welfare System

By: Lauren Miller Serious systemic problems in Florida’s child welfare system plague the Southern Region, leaving children in foster care at significant risk of harm. The University of Miami Children & Youth Law Clinic, along with other attorneys for children in Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties, joined with national child welfare organization Children’s Rights and international […]

“On the Basis of Sex?” – SCOTUS Hears Major LGBTQ Employment Discrimination Cases

By: Ryan Rizzo On October 8, the United States Supreme Court heard two cases together in relation to LGBTQ claims of employment discrimination.[1]Following the success of marriage equality campaigns on a state and judicial level, advocates and interest groups have turned their attention to the next frontier: employment discrimination. While some states have codified protections, […]

Under Siege: Kashmir

By Shanzay Pervaiz In 1947, following the exit of British colonial rule, India and Pakistan split into two countries.[1]This partition marked the beginning of inexplicable sectarian violence, massacres, and abductions between Hindus, Sikhs, and Muslims. [2]Although it occurred over 70 years ago, the partition remains an integral part to both India and Pakistan’s political, socioeconomic, […]

Eleventh Circuit Takes Strides for Individuals Living with Disabilities 

By: Christina Fernandez The Fair Housing Amendments Act, bars housing discrimination based on one’s disability or affiliation with one who has a disability.[1]Section 3604(f)(1) of the FHA makes it unlawful to discriminate in the sale or rental of a dwelling because of one’s disability or handicap, and §3604(f)(3) makes it unlawful to refuse “to make […]