RSJLR Proudly Welcomes Volume 11 Candidate Class



RSJLR Proudly Welcomes Volume 11 Candidate Class It is with great pleasure that the University of Miami Race and Social Justice Law Review welcomes its new candidates for Volume 11: Belissa Ardisson Logan Bartley Erin Berhan Luis D. Blanco Staci Campbell Alexandra Cimo Sarah Coleman Allison Dopazo Fabian Garcia Jordan Gary Katarina Gomez Lexis N. […]



Senate Bill 404: A Threat to Women’s Rights



By: Erika Porrino On January 22, 2020, the Rules Committee voted to pass Senate Bill 404.[i]This bill requires minors to get parental consent in order to terminate a pregnancy.[ii]Under Senate Bill 404, minors are required to get notarized written consent from a legal guardian or, alternatively, obtain a judicial waiver from the court to access […]






The Cost of Social Justice While Social Distancing



By: Lexis Graham What’s Happening? It goes without being said that we are living in a time of hardship as the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the globe. Weddings, festivals and travel plans have been cancelled.[1] Work and school have been moved online, and social gatherings have been suspended.[2] Disconnecting from social interaction during this time has […]



The Equal Rights Amendment: America’s 28thAmendment?



by Alexander Englert According to one poll, four in five Americans believe that the U.S. Constitution guarantees equal rights to men and women.[1]This population would be surprised, then, to discover that it does not—in fact, the only constitutional guarantee of gender equality is the 19thAmendment’s right to vote.[2]Should the Equal Rights Amendment (“ERA”) be adopted, […]



The Danger of Misinformation and Censorship in a Pandemic



By: Olivia Parise Toilet paper flying off the shelves;[1]people stock piling bags of lemons, limes and oranges;[2]and perhaps the most alarming, people drinking aquarium cleaner.[3]Fueling the hysteria leading to harmful behavior is the spread of misinformation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic juxtaposed with the censorship of legitimate information. This environment creates panic among the masses,  adding […]



Data Privacy and Encryption



By: Andrew Berube Though it may not be mainstream news yet, a battle over your privacy has been waging on since the dawn of the internet and we may soon see the outcome as the conflict starts to bubble over.[1]Messaging apps like WhatsApp and iMessage are encrypted, meaning messages can only be viewed by the […]



Emerging Marijuana Legalization and Retroactive Ameliorative Relief



By: Michelle F Kaplin-Zhebrak Recreational marijuana legalization and decriminalization is an emerging phenomenon in today’s modern society. Colorado was the first state to legalize marijuana recreationally in November of 2012.[1]Since then nine other states have also legalized marijuana, while fifteen additional states have decriminalized the use of recreational marijuana.[2]Notwithstanding, many of these state laws have failed to […]




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