Publication of Volume 12 Issue 2



The Board of Editors of the Race and Social Justice Law Review is pleased to announce ourrecent issue publication of Volume 12, Issue 2. The online publication can be viewed at:https://race-and-social-justice-review.law.miami.edu/ Issue 2 discusses current topics such as special education, impacts of COVID-19, criminaljustice, charity, mutual liberation, and racism. Moreover, this Issue highlights subject matterrelating […]



Publication of Volume 12, Issue 1



The Board of Editors of the University of Miami Race & Social Justice Law Review is pleased to announce our recent issue publication of Volume 12, Issue 1. The online publication can be viewed at: https://repository.law.miami.edu/umrsjlr/ A diversity of topics is addressed by featured articles authored by experts in their respective areas of practice and notes written […]






Censorship in the Capitol: Tennessee Lawmakers Silenced for Peaceful Protest Following Nashville School Shooting



By: Anabelle Tolgyesi On March 27, six people (three students and three adults) were killed after yet another mass shooting—this time, at the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee.[1] The victims were identified as Evelyn Dieckhaus (9); William Kinney (9), Hallie Scruggs (9); head of school Katherine Koonce (60); custodian Mike Hill (61); and substitute teacher […]



The Investor Justice Act: Why Now is an Essential Time for it to Get Passed



By: Sabrina Serber On July 28, 2022, the Investor Justice Act of 2022 was introduced in the Senate to amend the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 to establish a grant program to fund qualified investor advocacy clinics among other purposes[1]. The bill, introduced by Senator Catherine Cortez Mastro was read twice and introduced to the […]



What Happened to Florida’s Migrant Transportation Program? New Legislation Still Leaves Undocumented Immigrants Subject to Being Used in Political Stunts



By: Nathen Castillo In June of 2022, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis authorized a budget that set aside $12 million to create a migrant transportation program.[1] The goal of the original program was to “relocate out of the state of Florida foreign nationals who are not lawfully present in the United States.”[2] But roughly three months […]



Are Transgender Americans Equal? The Supreme Court May Decide Soon



By: Nelson Garcia Transgender individuals are being stripped of their rights all over the country. Eight states, including Florida, have restricted transgender care for minors;[1] Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law, also known as the “Don’t Say Gay” law, prevents discussion of gender identity in our schools;[2] and Arkansas recently passed a law that bars […]



Florida Transgender Healthcare Ban: When Children’s Joy is Collateral Damage



By: Emily Kaufman In October of 2022, the Florida Board of Medicine voted to draft a rule barring all minors from receiving gender affirming care in the state.[1] This ban is contrary to recommendations by multiple health organizations including the American Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Psychological Association.[2] The ban stems […]




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