Publication of Volume 12 Issue 2



The Board of Editors of the Race and Social Justice Law Review is pleased to announce ourrecent issue publication of Volume 12, Issue 2. The online publication can be viewed at:https://race-and-social-justice-review.law.miami.edu/ Issue 2 discusses current topics such as special education, impacts of COVID-19, criminaljustice, charity, mutual liberation, and racism. Moreover, this Issue highlights subject matterrelating […]



Publication of Volume 12, Issue 1



The Board of Editors of the University of Miami Race & Social Justice Law Review is pleased to announce our recent issue publication of Volume 12, Issue 1. The online publication can be viewed at: https://repository.law.miami.edu/umrsjlr/ A diversity of topics is addressed by featured articles authored by experts in their respective areas of practice and notes written […]






Florida’s historical pattern of voter discrimination is shutdown in League of Women Voters of Fla., Inc. v. Lee.



By: Laura Silva Following widespread false claims of voter fraud during the November 2020 election, Republican-led states enacted numerous restrictions to voting rights ranging from stricter identification requirements to absentee voting limitations.[1]Proponents argue restrictions aim to increase the integrity and fairness of the United States’ (U.S) voting system, yet they accomplish the exact opposite.[2] Most proposed […]



HB1557: An Unlawful Restriction on the Freedoms of Florida’s Educators and Youth



By: Jasmine Gamboa  On March 28, 2022 Governor Ron DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education, House Bill 1557 (HB 1557) into law.[1] The law expressly prohibits Florida public schools from discussing sexual orientation or gender identity in kindergarten through the third grade.[2] It also bans discussion of the same subject matters if it is done “in a […]



Understanding Tenure and its Modern Applications



By: Courtney Davis As a result of conservative politicians’ increasing desperation to regain social control due to the reactionary political shift away from President Trump to President Biden, conservative legislators have leveraged feigned concern about the integrity of the family and American ideals to push forward legislation restricting classroom content. Recent bills considered within various […]



National Book Bans: Attacks on Public School Students’ Right of Access to Speech.



By: Bianca Ferreira Book bans are rising in the United States as censorship reaches new heights over the past two years. From state lawmakers to parents, those who oppose certain novels and books from appearing in public school curricula continuously find both new and old stories to ban. One of the leading organizations with data […]



Let’s Talk About It, Once and For All: Affirmative Action



By: Haneefah Saleem “There’s all kinds of Affirmative Action,” “There’s legacy, there’s the college athletes … Universities have a right and an interest in diversifying – the problem is that when it comes to students of color, poor kids, all of a sudden that’s ‘Affirmative Action’ and that’s a problem.[1] – Michelle Obama Since its adoption in […]




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