Converge! (2014)

CONVERGE! Re-Imagining the Movement to End Gender Violence

CONVERGE! Re-Imagining the Movement to End Gender Violence

For over 40 years, gender violence has been the focus of feminist activism in the U.S. WHERE ARE WE HEADED NOW? This conference will bring together SURVIVORS, ACTIVISTS, and ACADEMICS to RECONSIDER the dominant U.S. responses to gender violence, to build capacity for political mobilization and reform, to share innovative approaches to gender violence, and to promote cross-fertilization and collaboration between researchers, practitioners, and activists. CONVERGE! is about building a TRANSFORMATIVE POLITICAL AGENDA to REFOCUS U.S. priorities in funding, activism, law, and social services in ways that better address the INTERSECTING INEQUALITIES that create and maintain gender violence. The CONVERGE! Conference is organized around the following themes:

  • Structural Inequality and Gender Violence
  • Re-Imagining Mobilization Against Gender Violence
  • Alternatives to Criminal Justice Strategies
  • Reframing Gender Injustice as a Violation of Human Rights
  • Responding to Retrenchment and Stalemate in Reform Efforts

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