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Ray Rice Abuse Scandal Highlights Dangers of Celebrity Victim-Blaming

BY: JOSIE FARINELLI From dangerous concussions to questionable team names, the National Football League is no stranger to controversy.  Arguably, the least shocking news about Ray Rice’s assault case is the NFL’s mishandling of the situation.  The story is familiar to anyone who has turned on a TV over the past month: on February 19, […]

Can Social Media Pressure Outweigh the Law? #RedskinsOwnerMayFindOutTheHardWay

BY LAUREN GONZALEZ — A simple search on Google News, Twitter, Bing or any other search engine of the term “Redskins” will result in headlines such as “Redskins’ Owner Stubbornly Clings to Wrong Side of History from @NYtimes” and “Daniel Snyder again defends #Redskins name, even as his attorney hedges.” The Washington Redskins, the second […]