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Subaltern Voices In The Trail Of Tears: Cognition And Resistance Of The Cherokee Nation To Removal In Building American Empire

BY KENNETH M. CASEBEER — Included in this literature are two recent works that present a curious view of American Empire, and its relatively early and key history of removal of Eastern Native nations to west of the Mississippi. Read More

Race & Social Justice Law Review to Co-Host CONVERGE! Conference

The Race & Social Justice Law Review will be co-hosting the Feb. 7-8, 2014 CONVERGE! conference. The conference aims to bring together survivors, activists and academics to “reconsider the dominant U.S. responses to gender violence, to build capacity for political mobilization and reform, to share innovative approaches to gender violence, and to promote cross-fertilization and […]

Domestic Counterinsurgency: How Counterinsurgency Tactics Combined With Laws Were Deployed Against Blacks Throughout U.S. History

BY WILLIAM Y. CHIN — Long before the United States engaged in counterinsurgency overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States engaged in counterinsurgency domestically against blacks. The history of America is a history of enduring conflict between black insurgents and white counterinsurgents. Read More