About The Race & Social Justice Law Review

The University of Miami Race & Social Justice Law Review, formerly known as the Black Law Review, is a student journal committed to the promotion and publication of scholarly articles that address the legal, social, economic, and psychological issues that affect communities of color, as well as other groups affected by social injustice.

2017 – 2018 Executive Board

Nicolas Chavez, Editor-in-Chief
Regan Woodbury, Staff Managing Editor
Zachary Auspitz, Business & Online Managing Editor
Christopher A. Ajizian, Senior Articles Editor
Haley L. Moss, Chief Notes & Comments Editor
Christina A. Robinson, Writing Competition Editor
Nalani A. Gordon, Submissions Editor 

Editorial Board:

Sarah McConnell, Articles & Comments Editor
Alexandra Hoffman, Articles & Comments Editor                        
Roman Sarangoulis, Articles & Comments Editor
Kathryn Della Ferra, Articles & Comments Editor
Alexandra Ponce, Articles & Comments Editor

Staff Editors:

  • Alexa Antin
  • Candelario Saldana Briseno
  • Oscar Campos
  • Misael Chacon
  • Juliee Conde
  • Cecilia Criddle
  • Alyssa D’Bazo
  • Adrienne Harreveld
  • Jacob Koffsky
  • Brenda Phang
  • Sara Ptachik
  • Dina Sarver
  • Juanita Solis
  • Brittany Thomas
  • Thomas Voracek
  • Amanda Wydler

Faculty Advisors: Zanita Fenton, Francisco Valdes

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