About The Race & Social Justice Law Review

The University of Miami Race & Social Justice Law Review, formerly known as the Black Law Review, is a student journal committed to the promotion and publication of scholarly articles that address the legal, social, economic, and psychological issues that affect communities of color, as well as other groups affected by social injustice.

2020 – 2021 Executive Board

Sydney Smith, Editor-in-Chief
Christina Ferreiro, Staff Managing Editor
Kimi Robertson, Business & Online Managing Editor
Christina Fernandez, Senior Articles Editor
Shanzay Pervaiz, Chief Notes & Comments Editor
Olivia Parise, Writing Competition Editor                                                                                        Stephanie Parrado, Submissions Editor

Editorial Board:

Kristen Calzadilla, Articles & Comments Editor
Alexander Englert, Articles & Comments Editor                        
Fabian Garcia, Articles & Comments Editor
Katarina Gomez, Articles & Comments Editor
Amanda Suarez, Symposium Committee Chair                                                                              Tiffany Burke, Social Media Chair 

Fall 2020 Member Candidates:

  • Belissa Ardisson
  • Logan Bartley
  • Erin Behran
  • Luis D. Blanco
  • Staci Campbell
  • Alexandra Cimo
  • Sarah Coleman
  • Allison Dopazo
  • Fabian Garcia
  • Jordan Gary
  • Katarina Gomez
  • Lexis N. Graham
  • Danielle Hall
  • David Hoy
  • Alex Kaplan
  • Michelle Kaplin
  • David Mancia-Orellana
  • Elysa McBean
  • Peyton Nir
  • Miguel Perez
  • David Petrantoni
  • Erika Porrino
  • Daniel Robinson
  • Megan Schmidt
  • Jacob Templer
  • Elias Thomposon
  • Yoni Wasser

Faculty Advisors: Zanita Fenton, Francisco Valdes

Administrative Assistant: Gloria Garcia

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