Volume 5: Issue 2

CONVERGE!  Reimagining the Movement to End Gender Violence

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Introduction: CONVERGE! Reimagining the Movement to End Gender Violence
by: Donna Coker, Leigh Goodmark, & Marcia Olivo

Keynote—Reimagining the Movement to End Gender Violence: Anti-racism, Prison Abolition, Women of Color Feminisms, and Other Radical Visions of Justice (Transcript)
by: Beth E. Richie

Plenary 1—Reflections and Analysis (Transcript)
by: Lavon Morris-Grant, Eesha Pandit, Rosana Araujo, Reina Fernandez, & Reyna Gomez

Part I: Reimagining Gender Violence

Plenary 2—Redefining Gender Violence (Transcript)
by: Andrea Ritchie, Leigh Goodmark (moderator), Juanita Flores, Julie Goldscheid, & SpearIt

Gender Neutrality and the “Violence Against Women” Frame
by: Julie Goldscheid

Panel on Colonization, Culture, and Resistance (Transcript)
by: Sarah Deer, Zanita Fenton (moderator), Val Kalei Kanuha, & Eesha Pandit

Panel on Immigrant Rights, Women, and Gender Violence: Structural Violence and Organizing Strategies (Transcript)
by: Maria Rodriguez, Donna Coker (moderator), Lis-Marie Alvarado, Beatrice Bianchi Fasani, Ramandeep Kaur Mahal, & Rebecca Sharpless

Panel on Immigrant Rights, Women, and Gender Violence: Structural Violence and Organizing Strategies (Transcript)
by: Rashmi Goel, Tamara Lave, Elizabeth MacDowell, & Adele Morrison

Panel on Intersections of Gender, Economic, Racial, and Indigenous (In) Justice (Transcript)
by: Margaret Johnson, James Ptacek (moderator), Nicole Matthews, & Hillary Potter

Part II: Reimagining Responses to Gender Violence

Plenary 3—Harms of Criminalization and Promising Alternatives (Transcript)
by: Mimi Kim, Donna Coker (moderator), sujatha baliga, & Alisa Bierria

Panel on Alternatives to the Crime-Centered Approach to Gender Violence (Transcript)
by: C. Quince Hopkins, Staci Haines, Tiloma Jayasinghe, & Andrew Sta. Ana

Panel on the Possibilities and Limits of Criminal Justice Reform (Transcript)
by: Michelle Kaminsky, Leigh Goodmark, Connie Burk, & Sandra S. Park

Equal Protection for Survivors of Gender-Based Violence: From Criminalization to Law Enforcement Accountability
by: Sandra S. Park

Building Towards Transformative Justice at Sakhi for South Asian Women
by: Soniya Munshi, Bhavana Nancherla, & Tiloma Jayasinghe

Finding the Middle Ground: Reimagining Responses to Women’s Use of Force
by: Lisa Young Larance & Susan L. Miller

Panel on Sex Trafficking (Transcript)
by: Aziza Ahmed, Cyra Choudhury (moderator), Sienna Baskin, & Sandy Skelaney

Panel on the Violence of the Legal System (Transcript)
by: Joan Meier, James Ptacek (moderator), Angela Diaz-Vidaillet, Alesha Durfee, & Wayne Thomas

“Usually It’s Something in the Writing”: Reconsidering the Narrative Requirement for Protection Order Petitions
by: Alesha Durfee

Part III: Reimagining Mobilization, Action, and Pedagogy

Plenary 4—Mobilization (Transcript)
by: Caroline Bettinger-López, Quanita Toffee (moderator), Terra Slavin, Nan Stoops, & Cindy Wiesner

Panel on Organizing Campaigns (Transcript)
by: Cathy Albisa, Kelly Miller (moderator), Ted Bunch, Jodeen Olguín-Tayler, & Lumarie Orozco

Panel on New Possibilities for Reframing Work to End Gender Based Violence (Transcript)
by: Marcia Olivo, Monique Hoeflinger (moderator), Neil Irwin, & Jackie Payne

Panel on Beyond the Rape Exception: Using Law and Movement Building to Ensure Reproductive Health and Justice to All Gender Violence Survivors (Transcript)
by: Sara Ainsworth, Jamie Vanaria (moderator), Jessica Gonzáles-Rojas, Lillian Hewko, & Angela Hooton

On the Same Bodies: Exploring the Shared Historical Legacy of Violence Against Women and Reproductive Injustice
by: Eesha Pandit

Advancing a Human Rights Framework to Reimagine the Movement to End Gender Violence
by: Rosie Hidalgo

Interview—Caroline Bettinger-Lopez and Marleine Bastien on the Fight to Stop Gender Violence: From Haiti to Miami
by: Caroline Bettinger-Lopez & Marleine Bastien

Why Opposing Hyper-Incarceration Should Be Central to the Work of the Anti-Domestic Violence Movement
by: Donna Coker & Ahjane D. Macquoid

Panel on Campus and Youth Respond to Gender Violence (Transcript)
by: Mary Anne Franks, Laura Dunn, Rebecca Wyss, & Jessica Williams

Panel on Social Justice Pedagogy and Academy/Community Collaboration (Transcript)
by: Rosa M. Gonzalez-Guarda, Etiony Aldarondo, Ivon Mesa, Natalia Villegas, & Deborah M. Wiessman

Rethinking a New Domestic Violence Pedagogy
by: Deborah M. Weissman

CONVERGEing Around the Study of Gender Violence: The Gender Violence Clinic at the University of Maryland Carey School of Law
by: Leigh Goodmark



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