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The Equal Rights Amendment: America’s 28thAmendment?

by Alexander Englert According to one poll, four in five Americans believe that the U.S. Constitution guarantees equal rights to men and women.[1]This population would be surprised, then, to discover that it does not—in fact, the only constitutional guarantee of gender equality is the 19thAmendment’s right to vote.[2]Should the Equal Rights Amendment (“ERA”) be adopted, […]

The Danger of Misinformation and Censorship in a Pandemic

By: Olivia Parise Toilet paper flying off the shelves;[1]people stock piling bags of lemons, limes and oranges;[2]and perhaps the most alarming, people drinking aquarium cleaner.[3]Fueling the hysteria leading to harmful behavior is the spread of misinformation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic juxtaposed with the censorship of legitimate information. This environment creates panic among the masses,  adding […]

Emerging Marijuana Legalization and Retroactive Ameliorative Relief

By: Michelle F Kaplin-Zhebrak Recreational marijuana legalization and decriminalization is an emerging phenomenon in today’s modern society. Colorado was the first state to legalize marijuana recreationally in November of 2012.[1]Since then nine other states have also legalized marijuana, while fifteen additional states have decriminalized the use of recreational marijuana.[2]Notwithstanding, many of these state laws have failed to […]