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Life or Death? That is the (Jury’s) Question.

BY: MARIA ORDONEZ Timothy Lee Hurst was charged and convicted with the gruesome May 2, 1998, killing of Cynthia Harrison during a robbery at the Popeye’s restaurant in Escambia County, Florida, where they were both employed. After he was granted a new sentencing trial because of counsel’s ineffective assistance[1], Hurst was again sentenced to death […]

Supporting Florida’s Entrepreneurs Through Social Enterprise

BY LESLIE COULTER – Social enterprise laws are an attractive option for the Florida Legislature because the regulations foster economic development among residents, and support and incentivize ventures that are not only focused on their bottom line but also maintain as part of their mission a commitment to contribute positively to society. These laws are premised in […]

Florida Takes Another Stab at Purging Voter Rolls

BY MICHAEL BOLLING — Just before the 2012 presidential election, Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) unveiled a plan to purge voting rolls of those who were (in theory) ineligible to vote. This attempted purge was proffered by Governor Scott as targeting non-citizens who were ineligible to vote, in an alleged attempt to protect the sanctity […]

Navigators and the Power Struggle Over Access To At-Risk Communities

BY BECKY GREENFIELD — The Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) establishes federally funded “Navigator Programs” to inform even the most at-risk communities about Health Exchanges, Qualified Health Plan enrollment, and premium tax credit eligibility. However, Florida Governor Rick Scott informed Congress that Navigators will be banned from all Florida state-run facilities. What does this mean for […]